In-House Screen Printing & Decoration


The decorating you select is just as important as finding the perfect product – it helps set the tone for your brand. Bold or refined, unique or traditional, find the perfect finishing touch for the item you’ve selected.

In our 10,000 square feet production facility in Calgary, we’re capable of producing 840 screen prints and 625,000 stitches per hour with the help of our design and production team. We offer fully automated screen printing, logo heat transfers, embroidery and sewing.

We believe in quality craftsmanship and take pride in our work. We ensure each order meets our production standards and upholds the integrity of your brand.

Quality In-House Production

With our state of the art production facility, we’re able to ensure every garment or branded item meets our quality assurance standards before leaving our facility.

Offshore Decoration

Our offshore dedicated facilities and manufacturing partners allow us to provide cost-effective solutions for all of your promotional product needs.

Custom Design

We can develop customized products tailored to meet your specific requests. Whether it’s a special colour or fabrication, design modification or a fully customized product, we have the ability to design, manufacture and deliver your unique requests.

Rush Service

Need your order fast? We understand our customer’s needs and offer a 24 hour rush service on select products. We will produce and ship your logo printed products within 24 hours (one business day).

  • Embroidery

    The logo is stitched onto the material using threads in designated embroidery friendly areas creating your design. Embroidery is an elegant and stylish way to portray a wide range of logo types.

  • Screen Print

    The direct screen printing process involves placing the material under a mesh screen. By applying even pressure with a squeegee on the screen, your logo is imprinted onto the material surface. The screen printing process ensures your imprint looks its best on a wide variety of fabrics.

  • Heat Transfer

    A transfer is created in a very similar method to screen printing, however, the ink is applied to a sheet of transfer paper instead of directly onto the material. The transfer is then pressed onto the product using a combination of heat and pressure. This method allows for unlimited colour separations.

  • Appliqué

    Using computer assisted sewing machines; appliqué combines direct embroidery and a variety of optional materials such as wool felt, acrylic felt, polyester twill, cotton twill and much more to create countless decoration choices.

  • Pad Printing

    Pad Printing is extremely effective on rounded, uneven, or slanted product shapes. It is also perfect for small and intricate logos. A silicone pad is used to transfer the ink onto the product. The pad can hit various levels on a product at one time. Ink colour availability is restricted due to the limited ability to mix inks utilized in this process.

  • Full Colour Digital Printing

    Digital printing creates vibrant imprints. It has the capability to print multi-colour logos, photographs, logos with very tight colour registration and logos with half tones or gradients.

  • Laser Engraving

    Your logo attains a refined and elegant look with engraving. Laser engraving is a computer generated process which has a beam of light (laser) that drills into the product to remove the top layer. The even and clean lines create a novel and detailed logo.

  • Laser Etching

    This ‘cutting edge’ technology is very similar to laser engraving but instead the area is sand blasted. This creates an extremely crisp finish.

  • Dye Sublimation

    Create a custom look with this permanent heat-transfer method that incorporates multi-colour and half-tones for designs. Sublimation printing is a technique that uses heat sensitive inks. These inks turn into gas under the influence of heat creating images on the fabric that won’t fade or crack.

  • Raised Silicone Heat Transfer

    A die-cut mold is used to create a high definition, durable, multi-colour, raised silicone 3D transfer that can be applied to essentially any fabric. The 3D texture creates a high-quality, premium look to your logo or design.

  • Debossing

    A die is created of your logo and then pressed into the material creating an ‘impression’ of the logo. Debossing provides a subtle, yet higher perceived value on many products.

  • Embossing

    The raising of an image on a product, accomplished by pressing leather, suede or fabric between concave and convex dies so the image is raised above the garment or accessory surface.

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