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Polar Promotions & Sportswear is proudly Canadian owned and operated since 1979. We support local businesses and our community. Our mission is to build our clients brand through quality products and creative solutions. We strive to provide exceptional service with integrity, respect and pride.

The most important service we offer is our people. Our 100% dedication to customer service ensures that we earn your business everyday. Polar Promotions & Sportswear’s diligent customer service is our top priority.

  • 7 Locations Across Canada

    Polar Promotions & Sportswear is proudly Canadian with 7 locations across the country including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal

  • Dedicated Branding Specialists

    We offer personalized service. Our Branding Specialists understand your industry and work with you to strategically put your brand on display.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    We take pride in our work. We ensure every order is met to our production standards and upholds the integrity of your brand.

  • Warehousing & Logistics

    With our warehousing program, you’ll be able to take advantage of large quantity discounts. We’ll store your promotional products until you need them at no additional cost.

  • Community Involvment

    We’re involved in local and community events throughout the year. One of our most memorable accomplishments was helping raise $2 million dollars for the 2013 flood in Calgary by printing 192,000 Hell or High Water T-Shirts within a matter of days.

  • Showroom

    Come visit our Calgary showroom and get inspired. We offer a fully stocked showroom for you to browse through. Additionally, we can provide samples or production samples upon request.

    • 625,000

      per Hour

    • 840

      Screen Prints
      per Hour

    • 10,000

      Square Footage of
      Production Facility

    • 192,000

      Hell or High Water T-shirts
      Produced within days!

  • Agata

    Once drove to Napa, LA and back for a quick 4 day road trip (4,000 km roundtrip for the love of wine, Universal Studios and travelling).

  • Cherri

    Has her dive ticket and swam with sharks.

  • Chris

    Loves playing and watching soccer, is a huge foodie, loves cooking, and has a food blog on Instagram @vancitychopsticks.

  • Christian

  • Dan

    Junior lacrosse coach for past 6 years!

  • Delana

    Delana’s travelling knome has met Carrie Underwood, been in the news, has joined a radio talk show at the Calgary Stampede, been to Mexico to join a foam party, met Mike Tyson in Las Vegas to name a few things and has more to come…

  • Gavin

    Spent 6 months in Cambodia building schools for the children.

  • Gloria

    Her twin was born 2 hours and 20 minutes before her.

  • Jaspal

    Speak 4 languages, has never had a haircut and has had 3 broken bones.

  • Jeff

    “I Stole Michael Jackson’s Airplane which was a Boeing 737… So Beat It!”

  • Katarina

  • Karly

    Often can be found balancing a smoothie, purse, samples, several boxes, files and computer bag while talking on the phone.

  • Kelley

  • Kevin

    Learned bitcoin from Slashdot in 2011, installed a mining software right after that and mined his first bitcoin. He sold all his 20 bitcoins after two months and uninstalled the software. Today he says “Go check the price now :(”

  • Lyn

  • Mark

    Enjoys arguing, breaking things, and hopes one day to discover how to say “no”.

  • Michael

    Loves travelling and seeing other cultures. Based on Trip Advisor – Travel Map, he has been to over 200 cities, 36 countries, travelled over 1,000,000 km and visited 23% of the world.

  • Natalija

  • Sabrina

    Actually believes she will be a millionaire one day soon, retiring before 40.

  • Treena

  • Viki

  • Zach

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