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Our apparel is made with extraordinary attention to detail, combining a retail look, high-impact branding opportunities and unique functional features that give it a distinctive look and feel. That distinctive look and feel is why people love putting it on every day and why every day is another opportunity for you to make a stylish impression with printed clothing. We can help find apparel that suits your needs with the support our branding specialists in Vancouver and across Canada.

Our apparel is designed to showcase your brand in a whole new way with unique decoration methods and more decoration locations. No one offers more standard locations – back, front, hip, sleeves, shoulders and even inside. By mixing and matching, you can transform a garment into a truly unique and custom piece that sets your brand apart. With so many ways to express your identity, all it takes is a little imagination to create a perfectly branded garment. Ask us about our custom workwear and custom clothing options.

Our branded apparel is designed to meet the specific needs of your demanding work environment.

  • Food/ Beverage Uniforms

    Food and beverage establishments have specific requirements when it comes to their apparel. From product details to fabric treatments, we offer styles to specifically address those needs. Styles and features include metal snaps for food industry staff, pen pockets for wait staff, stain-release treatments for bussers and kitchen staff, wrinkle-resistant shirts for the front of the house and moisture-wicking styles for outdoor servers.

  • Hospitality/ Resort Apparel

    Hospitality and resort employees require branded clothing that performs well outdoors and in. From easy care polos, to classic outerwear, to resort styled camp shirts, we offer styles with all the clothing details you’ll need. Performance woven polos and shirts offer a professional take on performance. Anti-microbial treatments keep shirts fresh. Vented shirts regulate temperatures and UV fabric treatment provide sun protection.

  • Service/ Sales Apparel

    Customer Service and sales professionals are a company’s front line representatives and your customers’ first impression of your company. Ensuring a clean professional appearance, while providing the performance features necessary to get the job done, are our first priorities with our service and sales apparel. Garment features include snag protection to guard against fabric pulls, moisture-wicking for quick dry performance, anti-microbial technology for freshness, easy care wrinkle and stain release properties and reflective outwear for safety.

  • Warehouse/ Manufacturing

    Manufacturing and warehouse workers require dependable branded apparel that resists staining, avoids fabric snagging and stands up to the everyday rigors of the job. Durability and longevity are import considerations. Garment features include durable abrasion-resistant and snag-protection fabrics, snap front buttons that won’t tear off, wrinkle-resistant and stain-release fabrics.

  • Tradesmen/ Craftsmen

    Skilled tradesmen and craftsmen require durable hard-wearing apparel for outdoor and indoor jobs. Our branded clothing stands up to the rigors of these specialized professionals with style features and details that are designed to be long-lasting. Garment features include durable abrasion-resistant and snag-protection fabrics, snap front buttons that won’t tear off, stain-release to keep apparel looking clean and new, moisture-wicking for quick dry performance and waterproof and water-resistant finishes to protect from the elements.

  • Speciality Occupations

    Some jobs require specialized or custom clothing details. Our specialty occupation clothing addresses the need of those requiring tactical and security features including specially designed pockets for pens or hidden documents. Contact us for custom apparel options and to learn more about custom clothing.

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