Corporate Gifts & Accessories

Corporate Tech Gifts & Accessories

Polar Promotions and Sportswear offers a wide range of quality corporate gifts and accessories that are suitable for both client ‘Thank Yous’ and promotions, and for employee appreciation and incentivisation awards.

We can advise you on thoughtful, useful and unusual branded items for your clients and employees when looking for Canadian Promotional products. Customising your gifts with your company logo and colours presents a personal touch and something that is memorable, exclusive, and useful.

Your choice of corporate gift is something that should reflect your brand – and should align with your overall marketing strategies. Quality should be everything as it reflects your commitment to meaningful business.

If your brand is tech, futuristic and forward-looking, then here’s a roundup of Corporate and Employee tech gifts that you might consider…

Putting your brand on an external Bluetooth speaker or on a set of quality headphones is a smart move. Highly functional, music accessories are used often and this idea can give you maximum brand exposure and return on investment.

  • Tech Gift Set

    Gift sets are a great gift option if you can’t decide on one item. This gift set includes a Bluetooth speaker and a power bank charger both delivered with your brand and logo. Can’t find a gift set that suites your needs? Let us create a custom gift set.

  • Wireless Charging Pads

    Wireless Charging Pads for smartphones offer a great platform for getting your brand and message across to the people that you do business with.

  • Smart Home Wireless Speakers

    Or you might consider offering a branded Smart Home wireless speaker with Amazon Alexa. The Vale wireless speaker provides a great sound, with plenty of real estate for your logo and message. Great for a general office gift for a client’s reception area.

  • Light Up Headphones

    Don’t just gift an ordinary headset. Light up your logo with wireless headphones with LED white lights that illuminate when in use. Get your brand noticed.

  • Audio Bottles

    Combine functionality with these water bottles which connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled audio device and enjoy your favourite music, podcast or audiobook. The screw-on lid with a built-in, light-up, Bluetooth speaker provide hours of on-the-go entertainment.

  • Activity Trackers

    Or consider activity trackers, branded with your message or logo. Featuring an integrated digital watch and activity tracker, these trackers work with most smartphones – iOS and Android. Features include: clock, alarm, call answering, message notification, step counter, distance calculator and calories burned. Great for brands with a fitness element centered around their messaging.

  • Digital Video Brochures

    The LCD video brochure offers an exciting way to share important information to prospective customers and partners by giving users a quick presentation of product videos and demonstrations. It allows you to upload multiple pre-recorded videos and audio messages into a full colour brochure or booklet which plays automatically when opened.

  • Digital Video Box

    LCD Video presentation boxes are a great way to showcase your products and make them stand out or give a special gift to customers in a very personalized way. These luxurious boxes can be programmed with your own video message and will certainly make a lasting impression.

  • Custom PVC Products

    Turn your custom Idea into reality! Stand out with complete customizable products including custom USB’s, power banks, speakers, wall chargers, charging cables and car charges in whatever 2D or 3D design you want. We’ll help you transform your idea to concept, mold prototype and order production.

  • Wearable Tech

    Wearable tech is a big trend. We have embroidered beanies with integrated speaker and Bluetooth control – a “Smart” knit beanie with built-in Bluetooth wireless stereo headphone with microphone for listening to music and hands-free phone calls. Available in a wide range of colours, we can embroider the beanie to your choice of badge, logo or emblem.

  • Drones

    Finally as part of this tech corporate gift round up, pocket drones are edgy and high-tech, and are a fun and very memorable gift. Even better is a pocket drone with an integrated camera! These popular drones are controlled using a free iOS/Android app.

  • Custom Packaging

    Presentation is everything. We are specialists in gift packaging, and can ensure that your gift is packaged for best presentation, adding additional perceived value to your offering. We can offer 4-colour process gift boxes, custom gift bags, printed ribbon and gift wrapping. Make it Memorable.

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