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Looking for custom apparel in Vancouver? Stop searching for “custom apparel Vancouver” cause you’ve found the right place for what you’re looking for.

We’re experts in putting together what you’re looking for in terms of custom apparel.

The decorating you select is just as important as finding the perfect product – it helps set the tone for your brand. Bold or refined, unique or traditional, find the perfect finishing touch for the item you’ve selected.

We’ve been a trusted branded clothing decorator in since 1979. Visit us at our Calgary showroom to see examples of our custom apparel and more.

In-House Production

With our state of the art in-house production facility, we’re able to ensure every branded garment that leaves our facility meets our quality assurance standards ensuring we protect the integrity of your brand.

Overseas Custom Decoration

If you’re looking for significant savings, we have an offshore custom program. Our overseas dedicated production facilities and manufacturing partners allow us to provide low cost alternatives for your custom apparel requirements.

Custom Clothing Design

We can develop customized products tailored to meet your specific requests. We can create a custom design with specific colours and fabrication or create a fully customized piece. We’re able to design, manufacture and deliver your unique requests.

Creative Decoration

Make your logo or design stand out with creative decoration techniques. We have a variety of specialty decoration options including silicone patches, 3D embroidery and even metallic embroidery to complete your custom look.

  • Embroidery

    Embroidery is a classic and elegant way to showcase your logo or design. We’re able to offer quick turnaround times with our in-house embroidery and sewing machines. Visit us in our Calgary showroom to see examples of our embroidery work and to see why we’ve been a trusted decorated since 1979

  • Screen Print

    Screen printed clothing is made by putting fabric under a mesh screen and applying ink with a squeegee to imprint your logo or design onto the fabric. Screen printing works well on a variety of fabrics making it a popular branding option.

  • Heat Transfer

    Heat transfers are made in a similar way as screen printing, however, the ink isn’t applied to the fabric directly and instead is applied to sheets of transfer paper. The transfer paper is then pressed onto the fabric with pressure and heat.

  • Appliqué

    Appliqué decoration combines direct embroidery and a variety of optional materials such as acrylic felt, wool felt, polyester twill or cotton twill to create countless decoration options.

  • Dye Sublimation

    Create a truly custom look with sublimation printing. Sublimation allows for multi-colour and half-tones to create the custom design look. It is a technique which uses heat sensitive inks that are turned into gas under high heat to create images on fabrics which won’t crack or fade.

  • Raised Silicone Heat Transfer

    A die-cut mold is used to create a high definition, multi-colour, durable, raised silicone 3D transfer which can be applied to most fabric. The 3D texture creates a high-quality and premium look to your logo or design.

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