The need to connect

The Need to Connect

As we turn the page on the calendar, we find ourselves diving head first into the New Year 2021 full of hope. We hope that we can fulfill our craving for “normalcy” in our lives. The previous year brought unexpected change, in both positive and negative ways. One of the most notable and lasting changes we faced, was separation. Unprecedented levels of separation from loved ones, coworkers and our culture…for almost a year. We found ourselves connecting through videos platforms and meeting in parks for walks but don’t forget………. no hugs, keep your distance!

As human beings we crave physical and mental connection. Our access to that connection may have been taken for granted in previous years. So, as we continue to navigate our “new normal” in 2021 our craving to connect remains unchanged and our willingness to adapt becomes increasingly important.

We must continue to curate both new and old relationships in order to move forward. It may take us outside our comfort zone to hop on a video call, or go for a walk when it’s cold out and that’s ok. We can also write someone a card or email from the comfort of your home, or send them a gift as a reminder you are still thinking of them.

Whatever it is we must strive to make it lasing, just don’t be superficial!!! I know what you’re thinking, gifts are superficial? And that can be true. But Gift giving has become an integral part of our society. Outside of practical functions, gifts represent a physical reminder of our human connection, they trigger memories and help strengthen our bonds. They can represent thoughtfulness and caring in the absence of your physical presence for years after they have been given.

I don’t think we can choose a wrong method to connect as long as we make that choice.

Invest in connecting in any way possible.

Team Polar

1) Customer Value

As mentioned above promotional products are a great method of increasing brand recognition. Every business wants to stand out and be remembered but the question is how? By using promotional products for marketing, it can offer customers value on a daily basis. For example water bottle or travel tumbler could be used every day and thus providing your brand constant exposure and building even more awareness if they are used in and out of their home or workplace.

2) Brand Exposure

Brands that offer promotional products often create bonds with customers due to constant exposure. Similar to other forms of marketing, the frequency is how customers will remember your brand. In marketing, advertisements are effective with a frequency of three exposures as any more exposure can start having a negative effect and will be less effective in getting your message across. For a promotional products, as long as they still offer the customer value, your brand will receive positive feedback. When promotional products are given it may instill a sense of reciprocity thus leading to more customers wanting to do business with your brand.

3) Brand Impressions

Promotional products are a cost-effective form of advertising compared to other forms. Branded products offer a low cost per impression rate which will be one of the most effective marketing tools you use. Promotional products are tangible which allows customers a way to interact and are more likely to remember your brand than an advertisement. Also, since promotional products are tangible they are likely (67%) to be passed to another person increasing brand impressions.

4) Lead & Sales Generation

Promotional products are similar to business cards but offer better results. Promotional items act as constant reminders of your brand and will help generate leads and ultimately sales. The item you select is important as it has to add value to your target market. For example, give golfers breathable branded polos and apparel that is suitable for the golf course or branded golf balls that offer them value.

5) Positive Brand Image

Offering promotional products helps create a positive image of your brand for your customer. Everyone loves something free! When the customer uses your branded item they will likely feel more familiar with your brand and more likely to purchase from you in the future. As mentioned before as long as the product offers value to the customer, they will have a positive opinion of your brand.


This is just a small list of benefits of using promotional products. Most of the benefits tie back to one another in that offering value to the customer is the utmost important. Now, this should have given you a little insight into why you should prioritize this marketing tactic and how it’s important to help your brand.

  • Branded Pens

    Promotional pens generate 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime

  • Branded Bags

    Promotional bags have a lifetime impression rate of 3,300 impressions

  • Printed T-Shirts

    Branded t-shirts have a lifetime impression rate of 3,400 impressions

  • Branded Hats

    Branded hats have a lifetime impression rate of 3,400 impressions

  • Custom USB’s

    Custom branded USB’s have a lifetime impression rate of 700 impressions

  • Branded Drinkware

    Branded drinkware have a lifetime impression rate of 1,400 impressions

  • Branded Umbrellas

    Branded umbrellas have a lifetime impression rate of 1,100 impressions

  • Branded Outerwear

    Branded outerwear have an impression duration of an average of 16 months

  • Branded Polo Shirts

    Promotional polos have a lifetime impression rate of 2,300 impressions

  • Promotional Power Banks

    Promotional power banks have an impression duration of an average of 12 months

  • Branded Desk Accessories

    Promotional desk accessories have a lifetime impression rate of 1,450 impressions

  • Custom Calendars

    Promotional calendars have a lifetime impression rate of 850 impressions

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