Promotional & Product Branding Calgary

Promotional & Product Branding

Promotional Products are a great cost effective way of promoting the brand. If used correctly it will boost brand visibility as it offers brands the opportunity to market their product with minimal effort and are more affordable delivering a more effective means of advertising.

You might be wondering, how can I use promotional products correctly? The answer is simple Polar Promotion & Sportswear since we offer high quality that customers want to wear and show off and we have experts every step of the way to help you out.

We are a 100% Canadian owned provider of creative promotional products and branded apparel. We help you build your brands with quality products and great customer support throughout the whole process ensuring your business for life. As one of Calgary’s largest promotional product and branded products provider, we can provide you with a broad range of products, from simple apparel such as shirts to sportswear or and even electronics. At Polar Promotions & Sportswear we have thousands of products, just name it.

Contact us and let our professionals assist you or visit our Calgary showroom to see thousands of our branded products. If you think of a product and we don’t have it, we can help.

  • Giveaways

    Giving promotional products is a great way of increasing brand awareness in a less intrusive way

  • Employee Awards

    Praise your hard working employees with company branded rewards.

  • Uniforms

    Provide employees uniforms that they will be proud and enjoy to wear and show off team unite in style.

  • Safety

    Promote safety at your workplace with unique branded products.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Promotional gifts are a great way to reward loyal customers and ensure customer retention.

  • Customer Referral

    Provide branded gifts to new customers to demonstrate your appreciation for their business.

  • Company Picnic

    Bring fun to company events with our large range of branded gifts that fit the occasion.

  • Company Store

    Having branded products available online will encourage employees to promote your brand.

  • Front Office

    Encouraging cooperation among the office by distributing custom office gifts that are visible.

  • Employee Recruiting

    Trying to recruit new employees show them quality branded company apparel to get them in the spirit.

  • Welcome Gifts

    Ensure your new hire feels part of the team by gifting them branded products

  • Sponsorships

    Supporting the company can be achieved through fundraisers, charities, and volunteering in the community.

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