Promotional Products for Business & Brand Awareness

Promotional Products for Business & Brand Awareness

The holy grail of business promotion is a obtaining a measured return on investment (ROI) on a ‘promotional giveaway’ investment. Creating a feedback loop to let you know how you are doing in any business marketing campaign.

A metric that lets you know how your marketing is doing, and what is working, so you can concentrate on those things that are really promoting your business, and understand and make the argument that a promotional giveaway is not a ‘giveaway’ at all, that it has positive campaign benefits, some over and above print and digital, and that given the right product and message, can easily outperform any other form of advertising.

Polar Promotions and Sportswear can provide full advice and strategy for promotional branded products as part of your next marketing and business promotion campaign. Our knowledge of the marketplace, hard-earned through nearly 40 years of providing Canadian companies with promotional and branded products, means that we can quickly understand what will work best for your business promotion, advising you and aligning product selection with your company and the campaign.

Brand Awareness

Promotional products are a great fit for brand-awareness campaigns because they fit into client’s – or potential clients – everyday lives. They have a lifetime well in excess of other forms of advertising such as digital or print. Each time they are used they leave an ‘impression’. Promotional items create bonds with your recipients. Every time that your client or customer uses your product – they are promoting your brand, not only to themselves but also to their peers.

Brand Image

Branded giveaways not only raise awareness of your business, but they can also improve your brand’s image by using the right product. Nowadays promotional items can come in a huge range of products and styles, each presenting a different variation on brand image. Additionally, selection of colour and message and design can present more variation.

Creative Branding Experts

Meeting with you, listening to your campaign and understanding your company can give us the information that we can use to advise you on which products and which messages can best promote your company and your campaign. How do you want your company to be perceived? Quality? Forward-looking? Customer service-orientated? We have custom products and highly creative and original messages for each of these.

Return on Investment

As regards metrics and estimating return on investment, we can help and advise here too. A unique URL forwarding to your main website can provide information on how many clicks your product created. A unique forwarding telephone number can monitor the calls generated. This is in addition to your most valued client using your memory stick and thinking ‘I must call you today!’

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