This Summer, more than ever, we can all enjoy some real quality time outside the home. The usual warm-weather reasons still apply: Sunshine, warm weather, long hours of daylight. However, Summer 2021 is the Summer that has to make up for Summer 2020, too!
People are desperate to get outside with friends and family at their favorite Festivals , hit the beach, shake the rust from their Golf game, even some relaxed socializing with friends on the back patio!

What a great reason to remind your customers, favorite clientele and employees of how much you appreciate them than to help them enjoy themselves? Branded Summer Wear items are always amongst the most popular Promotional Gifts your company can give.
Here are our Top 5 ideas for gifts you can give this Summer that will be much loved (and worn!) for weeks ahead this unforgettable summer – and many Summers to come.

1. Custom Hats
Always a popular item, the Baseball Hat is synonymous with Summer. After all, it is worn by ‘The Boys of Summer’ during Baseball games for seven summer months all over the continent. There’s a reason you recognize teams by their logos – they are on their caps. Get your logo and message out there and offer your clientele a useful gift that doubles as great exposure for you! We have all kinds of hats for all seasons.

2. Custom T-Shirts
The classic giveaway item; thrown into crowds by Rock Bands, sold at Sporting events and worn on every beach and in every park by everyone, everywhere! No better way to help someone out than to add to their cool T-shirt collection – especially if your message is ornate, one-of-a-kind and funny. People will wear them for years.

3. Sunglasses
We have all been to people’s offices and homes where there is a tasteful basket in the kitchen or by the front door containing a wide range of sunglasses. Don’t we hate them for having collected and saved all of these – especially when they have another 3 pairs in their car? Your employees or customers can never have enough sunglasses and will love to get another pair, especially if they are a one-of-a-kind design. You will love the fact that they will be in their homes and cars for years to come, spreading your corporate message.

4. Tote Bags
No-one can have enough bags by the front door ‘just in case’. If they are useful, colourful and sport a fun design they will be used not only on the beach and on vacation, they will be taken to the store during the winter. A true ‘evergreen’ promotional avenue is the tote that everyone uses.

5. Hand Sanitizer
We may have all had enough of using hand soap, but hasn’t it become normal, now? A great gift emblazoned with that special message will be used by everyone after a summer’s day out: In the car, at home, in their own private office. If we are all still going to be using this for the next 6 months at least, add a special Summer message to your own corporate brand and you can be sure that they will still be being refilled and offered to others months from now.

We offer thousands of apparel, tech. and office supplies that can be personalized to pass your message along to everyone, but these items are ‘classic’ for a reason. Why not be a part of everyone’s celebrations, and let your message shine all Summer long!

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