Trending Promotional Products in Toronto

Popular promotional products in Toronto for 2021

As each province in Canada lives a different lifestyle so do the promotional products that do well in each province. We’re going to cover the most influential products in Ontario mainly Toronto.

Power Banks

The growing popularity of promotional items like power banks is great for getting your brand message across. In the age of technology, majority of the population is glued to their phones so what better way to build awareness of the brand than a power bank that will charge their mobile device or any other electrical devices.


Bags are great promotional items in Toronto as it can be easily given out to customers at trade shows or any event and it’s something everyone can appreciate. Branded bags are sturdy, often used to store food or used for groceries.

USB Drivers

USB drives are promotional products that are also becoming more popular as they offer a way to store files. Customized USB drives are a great way to get your brand across in Toronto as there are many business offices there. Usb are usually given to other people after they used rather than tossed away offering continuous brand recognition.


Ontario is a big province, therefore, the weather differs by city. Cities like Toronto are more likely to see rain and snow more often than others, making branded umbrellas an influential product. Branded umbrellas are one of the best promotional items since they can protect you from any weather condition and be a used to build brand awareness, this is why the majority of people want branded umbrellas as it will be used for a long time.


Drinkwares are great promotional items as they can be used at home, on the go or work. Branded Drinkware are used 3-5 times a week offering consistent brand recognition. As Toronto is especially cold during most of the year, branded travel mugs are ideal gifts to give, as it offers consumers a way to keep warm during the cold seasons.


Promotional product can help enhance a brand and take it to another level by building a connecting with the customer. By using these promotional items we mentioned above in Toronto will for sure make a difference compared to using other promotional products. Toronto promotional products differs from province and who your brand is trying to target.

  • Branded Powerbanks

    Customers will think of your brand as a life saver when their devices are low on battery

  • Branded Bags

    Promotional bags will offer you consist retention when customers use it to store their lunch or used for groceries

  • Branded USB drivers

    Great promotional product to give out at trade shows!

  • Branded Umbrella

    Customers will think of your brand as reliable for keeping them safe from the rain or snow

  • Branded Drinkware

    Branded drinkware are great as they are kept everywhere!

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