Trending Summer Promotional Products

Top summer promotional products in 2021

Summer is near and it’s time to have summer appropriate promotional products to help build brand awareness and recognition. When you think of summer the first few things that people will remember is warm weather, picnics, barbecues and golf since the weather is so nice. So why not capitalize on these moments with promotional swag that will benefit the consumer during summer.

1)Golf Gear

No summer is complete without a trip to the golf course whether it be for a business trip or leisure. Associate your brand with the perfect golf swag to help step up your game. By having your brand on golf promotional products, your brand will be recognized on every golf course. We have more golf gear than you can even dream of ranging from Nike golf polo shirts to Adidas golf shoe wears.

2) Beach Towel

Whether it’s a hot day and you just want to go for a quick dip or your planning a picnic. A beach towel is a creative and fun way to promote your brand. Check out ProTowels, they specialize in branded beach towels that are practical promotional products during the summer. When people bring your beach towel to the beach it will on display for everyone to see.

3) Double Wall Stainless Bottles

There is nothing better than having a refreshing cold drink on a hot summer day. Stay hydrated with a double wall stainless bottles, Debco offers a massive array of stainless bottles that will surely tell your brand story in more ways than one.

4) Outdoor Speakers

Company barbecues are not the same without branded portable speakers. By bringing branded promotional speakers it speaks wonders of your brand as it will bring positive experiences to the event. Check out Ariel for outdoor speakers that will for sure turn heads at events. Remember It’s not a true party unless there is music.

5) Backpack

You must be thinking why a backpack, it’s not September yet? Well during summer people love to hike. Thousands of people go hiking daily in summer and what’s a better way to promote your company than branded backpacks to help carry water bottles, extra clothes, and emergency kits. Backpacks will offer your brand great retention as hikes usually take over 30 mins and people will be consistently trailing you and looking at your backpack. Check out Starline, they offer many different varieties.

Summer is always filled with great memories, so why not make it even more memorable with your branded products.

  • Branded Golf Swag

    Great for business meetings at the golf course

  • Branded Beach Towels

    Custom beach towels will make you stand out in a crowd of mono colour towels

  • Branded Stainless Water Bottles

    Branded stainless water bottles will not only keep drinks cold for a while, it will also help brand recognition

  • Branded Outdoor Speakers

    Branded outdoor speakers will ensure that your parties will never go music less!

  • Branded backpacks

    Custom backpacks are great for any season

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